Anpath Group, Inc. (OTCBB: APGR), through its wholly-owned subsidiary EnviroSystems, Inc. (ESI), produces geobiocides, disinfecting and cleaning and antiseptic products that it believes will help prevent the spread of infectious microorganisms while offering a favorable profile for health and environmental effects. ESI’s disinfectant products are classified with the EPA’s lowest possible toxicity rating (Toxicity Category IV) in each of the categories for which the EPA requires toxicity testing (including primary skin, eye, acute inhalation and oral and dermal toxicity).

The need for infection prevention technologies that defend against biological risks (both natural and man-made) is immense…and growing fast. Anpath Group, Inc., through ESI, is positioned to become the industry leader at a time when there is rapidly growing awareness of the critical need to prevent biological risks — both natural and man-made. The Company has developed and has trade secret rights to what it believes to be a unique and proprietary chemical emulsion biocide technology platform that’s environmentally responsible, an executive management with the right expertise and a corporate vision to protect millions from unnecessary harm.

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